Art Silk sarees Sarees Textile Business 

What is Art Silk sarees?

Art silk sarees are produce from high quality artificial silk fabric. Artificial silk fabric stands for one of the non natural fabric and it is produce from synthetic fibre like Rayon and other fibres in India. Art silk fabric is also called “Rayon Fabric”. So it is quite less expensive than Silk fabric. So, we can say that the sarees which is made from artificial silk are known as Art Silk sarees. Due to its production and manufacturing cost all art silk sarees are affordable than pure silk sarees and…

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Wholesale Kurtis Surat Fashion Kurtis Textile Business 

How to get wholesale kurtis at an affordable price in Surat?

Surat is the textile hub of India which is the best place to buy wholesale ranges of textile products. Furthermore, the best thing you can find is the wholesale kurtis at an affordable price in Surat. What makes this city perfect to buy Wholesale Kurtis Surat ranges is there are large numbers of sellers available. It tops the position by distributing the optimum quality of kurtis across India. The benefit of reasonably priced textile products is also the plus point here to buy bulky range.  If you are looking for…

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Bold Beauty Girls Kurtis Images Fashion Kurtis 

Top 10 latest collections of wholesale kurtis from surati fabric

When your wardrobe has space where you store the collection of various wholesale kurti surat and matching leggings or any bottom wear, you don’t have to worry for a month to buy any kind of outfits. Yes, the trend of the kurti set another level of admiration that all age groups of female love it to wear. The lovely and delicate still the most voguish ethnic wear you can consider is kurti. There comes a lot of occasions where you always want the new and fresh look that just catches…

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Western Wear Outfits for ladies Fashion Uncategorized western wear 

Current trend of western wear outfits for ladies in India

As it is right to say “First impression is the last impression”. Because of Now day’s people are judge on what types of clothes they are wearing and how trendy they are. Modernization” is playing a very vital role in the fashion industry. If we compare the past & the present fashion era we can see lots of changes e.g. more than 75% of the college students are seen wearing western wear, which can be termed as “Teenage Fashion”. Present Fashion Era is mainly concentrating on the comfort level of…

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Set a home base Sarees kurtis and dress business for resell Dress Material Fashion Kurtis Sarees Textile Business 

different types of sarees, kurtis and salwar suits for sell at home with huge profit

Now it is easy to start a reselling of garments at your home. You can get huge profit margin Ladies wear like sarees, Dress material and Kurtis in wholesale price for retail at your Home. Now, it’s easy to set an ethnic wear store with minimum investment with this in mind We brings the best quality Kurtis in wholesale price for you. Due to cut throat competition in textile business we have large range of sarees, Kurtis and lehengas for re-sellers. When you are purchasing clothes for resell purpose always…

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Best selling sarees forever online Fashion Sarees Uncategorized 

Best selling designer fancy sarees forever in India

Sarees are one of the oldest raiment for ladies in India. There are numerous types of saree available in marker but which are the best selling designer sarees forever in India! Firstly, let’s start with different types of sarees as per geography in India. India has variation of all types of clothes by cast, by region, by geography and tradition. Due to these all factors we can’t say perfectly which types of sarees are best selling but we can predict that which designer fancy sarees are most adorable by India…

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Bold Beauty Girls Kurtis Images Kurtis Textile Business Uncategorized 

Top 15 most selling Kurtis catalog in Wholesale

Kurtis are most adorable raiment for teenage girls and ladies at present. Due to top sellers, We admire for best selling catalogs of Kurtis from entire wholesale textile market of Kurtis, sarees, salwar kameez in Surat. It is not enough to design high quality kurtis catalog, but it really success when you get top 15 most selling Kurtis Catalogs your kurtis catalog in wholesale price. It isn’t matter how you sell in retail market. At present, you must sell your Kurtis on e commerce to achieve top selling position. Finally, a…

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Lace the Beauty enhancer of Sarees, Kurtis, and Dress Material Dress Material Fashion Kurtis Sarees Textile Business Uncategorized western wear 

Lace: the beauty enhancer of sarees, kurtis and dress material

Lace is made up of yarn and fabrics, stitched together to form a design or pattern. There are several types of laces that are used for different occasions. Laces are primarily used to enhance the fabric and give an appeasing outlook to the garments. The laces for different occasions and different fabrics are also available. The traditional type of lace work is the needle lace. It is manufactured by the use of needle and is perhaps the most amenable and flexible kind of design which is fit to be changed…

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Global Textile Business Industry Market Textile Business 

Global Textile Business Marketplace B2B portal

Textile Infomedia boasts of being one of the best and fast growing Global B2B Market Place portal for the textile domain. The Industry has been receptive to this unique and ever growing portal idea which has provided a platform and plethora for the Global Textile business market right from the fibre to the wardrobe. Initial criteria being providing services to the interested buyers who need raw materials for their product development and then advancing to the job work, printing of fabrics to the providing of the finished and semi finished…

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